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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'll Drink to That!

Mes amies, today is my baby's birthday. She turns 28. I was her age when she was born. My water broke at midnight. Her father told me I must have peed my pants and went back to sleep.
After all, I was a first-time mom and everyone knows first babies are always late. She wasn't due for a couple more weeks....
So, I called my mom, who was a 7-hour drive away, and she splattered armadillos on the car grill getting to me in record time.
With husband finally awake (pulling out his chest hairs during contractions made a believer of out him:), we got to the hospital around noon and baby was born au naturale within 30 minutes.
I checked out of the hospital 7 hours later. No insurance and $1000 for a 7-hour stay was too Ritz for my blood.
The next day, I was out driving in downtown Dallas to pick up hubby's weekly paycheck and that night we celebrated our new arrival at a Mexican restaurant. I hadn't had any alcohol for 9 months and I wanted to have a sweet, limey marguerita. Silly me. I didn't realize what I drank went into the breast milk baby was ingesting. .... So it comes as no surprise that tonight for her birthday she wants to go out to dinner somewhere and .... have a marguerita!
I think I'll have one, too. And I might even get soused. (Considering I get a buzz from half a glass of wine, one marguerita should be sufficient.:)
In fact, I'm starting my weekend early.
I'm going to start over Monday, get back to the contest and get winners chosen.....

I'm going to pretend this week never happened.

I going to pretend that Etsy DIDN'T close my shop this morning for miscategorizing a few digital scans into the 'vintage' category instead of the 'supplies' category.
I going to pretend that the Integrity Team person who wrote to me doesn't REALLY  mean I have to manually edit and double check more than 500 listings because Etsy doesn't have a batch edit tool -- even though that is exactly what she wrote.

Yes, I'm going to wave my magic wand and pretend this week never happened.